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Please allow me to welcome you to the Creative Healthcare Solutions blog.  Here, our Managing Partners strive to educate and entertain with industry news, helpful tips, and interesting stories about our group.  I hope you enjoy our first installment (about the formation of Creative Healthcare Solutions) and that you will keep coming back for more.

CHS officially entered the healthcare scene in 2013, but our Managing Partners have known each other, personally and professionally, for several years.  Throughout our individual careers, the four of us have worked for many small, owner-operated organizations and, at each one, thought to ourselves, “Hey … we can do this!”

Although some of us knew each other previously, we met as a group in 2011 while working in the corporate office of a prominent healthcare organization.  The next two years found us communicating as a solid, if unlikely, team.  Strategizing, building, brainstorming, and just generally giving each other a hard time … while having a lot of fun in the process!  Seeing how well we complemented one another, we began toying with the idea of branching out and forming a consultancy, where we could work for ourselves and a small, dedicated group of clients.

Over several months, that idea began to take formation and become more serious.  Not only did we see how this group could take shape, we also saw the clear need for us in the marketplace.  Further discussions led to our core values of being affordable, focusing on what we know and love, holding each other accountable, and always having fun … in fact, we have a firm rule of starting every company meeting off with a good laugh!

Our combined experiences and like-mindedness, along with our dedication to our common goals, made us realize that we could be a different kind of consultancy.  One where our focus would be on quality and accessibility rather than billable hours, and where a group of friends could come together to truly help people, make a living, and have a great personal quality of life.

Of course, it took us some time to get things started.  We sat down and laid out the framework for a conscientious timeline, filled with targets, goals, and general good stuff.  We made some missteps here and there, educated and re-educated ourselves in various areas, and, like we do with our client organizations, got very creative (and frugal) along the way.  But once the “official” paperwork was complete, we dove headfirst into CHS, engaging our first client in a matter of days and adding to that list within the following weeks.  

It’s been a roller coaster from minute one, but we’re loving every minute of it and look forward to more clients and candidates joining us for the ride!

Thanks for reading,