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Logo Trends of 2014

Logo trends come and go.  The latest is a push toward simple and minimal.  Gone are the days of realistic Photoshop effects, textures, and lighting effects.  Today’s logos are flat and sans-fancy.  Here’s a look at some big companies that took the simple approach in redesigning their logos.



Netflix has gone with a clean minimal approach.  Gone are the text shadows and bright red background.

Olive Garden

Wow, now that’s a redesign.  Olive Garden suddenly looks a lot less “1996”. Also...unlimited breadsticks.


Visa’s redesign is a little more subtle but still manages to simplify the logo.  The font remains the same but the colors have been condensed.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker already had a pretty minimal design but have gone even simpler with their new logo.  Getting rid of the small orange graphic and opting for a 1-color font makes the logo look fresh.


I’m sure we’ll be seeing more logo changes in the near future as companies try to keep up with the ever-changing design trend landscape.