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Recruit with Urgency

In a previous blog we discussed the importance of knowing your patient growth rate so that you can timely locate a provider and not miss out on revenue. I wanted to follow up on that discussion talking about recruiting with urgency. We have seen time after time where clients will take too long in providing feedback or setting up interviews who ultimately end up losing a candidate. After posting your need and receiving resumes you want the urgency to start immediately. You always have to remember that the candidate more than likely is looking at more than one job.

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Part of moving with urgency is having the management team make timely follow-ups to the candidate or to the recruiter. You don’t want to delay too much because it will show the candidate that you are not organized or just don’t value them as a provider. This also allows them to interview elsewhere. This isn’t just during the setup of the interview as this must continue all the way through till the 1st day day. Speaking of interviews and this might some obvious but I have seen it happen all too many times. Make sure all parties involved in the interview will be there and make sure you have the right scheduled time. It looks extremely bad if you aren’t there for the interview or if you told them “Susan” was going to be there for the interview and she’s not there. These examples show the candidate that you don’t have your stuff together. The provider will already have a bad taste in their mouth, and if they do decide to continue with the interview they will be thinking of other things such as their pay being missed.

Be prepared to “wow” the provider as well. This doesn’t mean you have to roll out the red carpet or have a limo pick them up. It simply means make sure you are organized throughout the process and your focus is on them when they are there. In the interviews make sure to know your business inside and out, so that you can come across clear and state your expectations.

If an offer is going to be made at some point to the candidate don’t wait to make it. So, don’t tell yourself we will make an offer once they receive their state license. Remember the candidate is going to continue to look, and with the provider demand so high someone else might scoop them up before you can get one to them. Just add some contract language stating that the offer is contingent on them receiving their medical license. You will then have a happy provider and you will have filled a need.

So let’s make sure to be recruiting with urgency and making each interview better than the one before!