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Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very useful resource for large and small businesses alike.  If you’re not using Analytics to monitor your web traffic, you should consider using the free tool to gain insight into your online presence.

Ever wondered how many unique users visit your site everyday, want to see if that social media campaign is generating more web visits, how about seeing where your visitors are from?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using Google Analytics:

  • It’s free...and did I mention it’s free?  The fact that it’s a free tool means that everyone with a website should at least check it out to see if the information provided will be of any use.

  • Easy to share results with others.  There are many ways to export data and share reports.  PDF, Excel, and Google’s own suite of document apps are supported by Google Analytics.

  • User friendly UI.  While Google Analytics offers in-depth, power-user features, it is also easy enough to understand for beginners and light-users.  All the basic information is neatly laid out and easy to find.

  • Track what platform users are using.  Finding out whether your users are on a desktop or tablet/mobile device allows you to tailor your website accordingly.  Maybe a more mobile-friendly version is in order, or maybe you don’t need to cater to mobile users...either way, Analytics can help you decide.

  • Adwords integration.  If you are willing to spend money on an Adwords campaign, you’ll want to know what kind of ROI you’re getting.  Analytics is the easiest, not to mention best way to track your Adwords campaign.

Google Analytics is a great resource for tracking anything from basic user information to more in-depth reports on Google Adwords campaigns and sharing detailed reports.  If you haven’t given Google Analytics for a spin yet, I recommend checking it out!