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New Healthcare Tech at CES 2016

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 6 - 9, 2016.  The show features new and exciting consumer electronics goods ranging from television sets to bluetooth door locks and everything in between.

One of the most innovative categories on the CES show floor is the health and wellness sector.  CES continues to be an event that showcases innovative smart devices that offer new benefits and some are even able to keep providers connected with patients.  Here are a few of the gadgets on display at this year’s event:



ReliefBand® is wearable technology for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy or motion sickness. The technology uses programmed pulses with highly specific waveform, frequency, and intensity to stimulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist. These pulses use the body’s natural neural pathways to block the waves of nausea produced by the stomach.




MOCAheart is a gadget that instantly measures your heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood flow to provide a snapshot of your heart health without the use of a blood pressure cuff or monitor. The MOCAheart is compatible with Apple devices with iOS 8 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE or later; coming soon to Android mobile phones supporting BLE.



With the new year upon us, many folks are making the resolution to stop smoking.  Quitbit has come up with a device that might make that resolution a little easier to keep.  Quitbit is a lighter that tracks all your smoking. It has a built-in display and can wirelessly connect to the Quitbit app on your phone to provide feedback, so you can make healthier decisions. One of the best features is that Quitbit lets you see how much money you’re saving as you cut back. Even one less cigarette a day can pay for Quitbit in a year.



Aterica Digital Health is showing their Veta EpiPen smart case, which is a transparent case with sensors and electronics to monitor and communicate. The Veta case is designed to send proximity alerts, which notify users or parents if they are too far from their EpiPen or their medication has expired. It can also give instructions on how to administer the epinephrine injection, in case the user has an attack around people who don’t know how to use an EpiPen. Veta smart case connects to compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android mobile devices using Bluetooth Smart. Each Veta smart case ships with both a green and yellow cap, so you can choose your cap color to match with your EpiPen dosage color.


Phillips Lumify

On the provider front, there’s Phillips Lumify. Lumify is an app-based ultrasound device. It plugs into any compatible smart device with an app and lets technicians perform an ultrasound anywhere. It’s mobile and cost-effective and provides the opportunity for an on-the-spot diagnosis.  With the increase in house call medical visits, this very portable and cost effective ultrasound device could be a big hit for mobile practices.


These are just a few of the cutting-edge health and wellness devices that will be hitting the shelves this year.  As technology continues to drive innovation, we’ll surely be seeing more of these hi-tech devices making their way into healthcare in the years to come.