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Don't Let the Holidays Slow Down Your Job Search!

At this time of year, recruiters hear a frequent refrain from prospective employees - “try me again after the new year”. People tend to be settling down into the busy holiday season and don’t want their celebrations interrupted with job interviews. While this is understandable, there’s a widespread misconception that employers have the same mentality.

While many industries all but shut down between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the clinical side of healthcare has no choice but to keep moving. Interviews may be at a slightly slower pace and job openings not quite as plentiful but, contrary to popular belief, the process does not stop! Quite the opposite, we see a shocking amount of activity - particularly within small, private practices - during the weeks before and after Christmas Day.

Many healthcare organizations use the time around the holidays to get things in order for their next year of business. They’re evaluating their budgets, growth projections, and more, and using that to determine staffing needs. Then, rather than waiting for the new year to come around, they begin recruiting in December to get a jumpstart on the process. Even larger organizations can have a December hiring push if they need to close out their annual budget before January 1st.

What this means for the savvy job-seeker is that December becomes a key time to get ahead of the curve. You’ll make yourself stand out as a go-getter and could be signing a contract weeks before anyone else even considers applying! There’s less competition for jobs around the holidays and the decreased activity means that hiring managers have more time to devote to your application, making it much easier to move to an offer.

Filling out applications might not sound as fun as sitting by the fire with a glass of grandma’s eggnog - but it’s well worth the time to keep an eye on the job boards and get your application in when something catches your eye. We’ll still be working hard for you here at CHS, so keep our job board on your radar, too!

Happy holidays and happy job-hunting, from the CHS recruiting team - where candidates always come first.  :-)