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4 Steps to a Successful Search

As a recruiting firm, we try our best to be communicative, timely, and thorough with both our candidates and our clients.  However, recruiting is really a partnership between the client and the recruiter.  And just as we, the recruiters, have to follow best practices, there are certain key elements that clients can employ to ensure the search is a successful one from their side, too.  

Here are 4 steps that, if followed, can make the search process an enjoyable one for all:


The first step in recruiting key talent is timeliness. On average, desirable candidates will be approached about 6 job openings every day. Your competition isn't waiting and neither should you!


Inconsistencies during the interview process throw up red flags - candidates assume that if these early steps are chaotic, then employment will be, too. Before beginning your recruitment efforts, ensure your offer is firm and your interview process is streamlined.


It's no secret that we're facing a national provider shortage that won't be ending anytime soon. Attracting key talent now requires employers to double their efforts. Ensure your candidates are treated well and know you're interested in them. If you make the effort, so will they - and you'll stand out over your competition.


Online reviews are no longer reserved for movies and restaurants. Healthcare providers and organizations also have visible online reputations that can impact recruitment efforts. Be mindful of yours - work to improve it where you can and address it where you can't.

Follow these steps and you'll increase your competitive stance in the market and be able to attract the best providers to your practice. Successful recruiting begins and ends with you!