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A Candidate Newsletter - Just For You

Creative Healthcare Solutions is excited to send you the very first issue of our candidate newsletter. We hope that you find our monthly notes to be helpful in your job search and we look forward to working with you as you seek your next career home!

If you’ve already worked with a CHS recruiter, you know that we approach things a little differently than other firms.  Our core process is the same, but we never lose our focus on the importance of making happy, long-term connections between candidates and clients.  As a contingency firm, our fees are always paid by the employer, but we are fierce advocates of our candidates.  We know that resumes don’t tell the full story and always take the time to get to know you and your motivations - and we never hesitate to be honest when we don’t think a position will be a good fit for you (even if it means we miss out on a paycheck).  Far too often in this industry, we see recruiting treated as a numbers game and we like to think we know what it’s really about: people.

When we work with a candidate, we take the time to make suggestions on resume improvements, provide interview coaching, talk about how you can overcome your weaknesses and highlight your strengths, discuss practical options for your career path, and much more.  Because we are only able to provide this level of service to candidates we actively work with, we started this newsletter so that we could also help those job-seekers we haven’t been able to directly engage.

This first entry is simply to introduce you to our philosophy as recruiters.  We want you to know that we’re just as invested in our candidates as we are our clients.  Going forward, each month we’ll highlight a new area designed to help you be a more effective, more discerning job-seeker, so that you can find your perfect employer match.

We look forward to engaging with you in the months to come and also welcome questions and suggestions for topics that you’d like to see explored.  Please feel free to send those to and we’ll do our best to include all requests in future newsletters.

Thank you and we wish you happy job-hunting!