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Recruiting And Retention Trends For 2018

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing and if you’ve been recruiting the same way for a while now, or haven’t updated your compensation and benefits offering, chances are you’re missing out on some really great candidates.

Here are a few of the trends we see for recruiting and retention in 2018:


Employer Provided Healthcare Plans

Speaking of changing landscapes, the state of healthcare coverage in the US is changing at lightspeed.  With the ever-growing complexity, uncertainty, and hassle of getting their own insurance, employees are valuing an employer-offered health insurance plan more than they ever have before.  

Work/Life Balance

Employees are placing more of an emphasis on work/life balance.  Studies have shown that more manageable hours at work also tend to be more productive.  Asking an employee to put in 60 hours a week doesn’t make sense when it leaves them tired, in a negative mood, and wanting to find a job elsewhere.  

Paid Time Off

Tying into our previous work/life balance trend, this one seems obvious, but we’ve had multiple clients seeking to bring on a provider without any PTO during the first year.  In a market that is so competitive, offering anything less than 3-4 weeks PTO just means that candidate will get hired by the competition.  PTO shouldn’t be looked at as a luxury, but instead it should be seen as a quality-of-life necessity.  We all need to recharge our batteries, and employees will likely come back to work more energized and happier.

Give Employees More Control

Many companies are using employee portals to allow their employees access to information regarding their PTO, benefits, direct deposit, timesheets, etc.  Using a portal gives employees more control over their job and the benefits that come along with it.

These are just a few things to be thinking about as we head into a new year and try to recruit and retain employees whose priorities are changing all the time.