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You're Missing Out On Candidates And Here's Why

As healthcare recruiters, one of the biggest mistakes we see our clients make is in how they advertise their opportunities. You might think it makes sense to list the low end of the compensation and benefits package so that there’s room to negotiate later - but, in reality, it’s better to start with your best and (at least close to) final offer. With the market for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants as it is, hiring managers will miss out on good candidates and waste valuable time by advertising what will be perceived as a low-ball offer.

Recruiting healthcare providers is a tough business. You’re basically going up against every other healthcare practice in the area due to the provider shortage. Consider the following before you enter the market with an opportunity:


We often have clients who enter the market with a vague schedule, describing things like “some weekends required” or “part-time with the possibility of full-time”. It’s better to be as specific as possible when it comes to schedule, as uncertainty is a red flag for many candidates.


Many of our clients prefer not to advertise their compensation range and, instead, leave that open for discussion when they interview candidates. The problem with not advertising the compensation is that candidates assume the worst and instead apply for opportunities that do list compensation. Advertising a range that indicates the guaranteed minimum (or, better yet, higher than your internal minimum) and the very top-end for the perfect candidate will net much more interest than merely listing a median or nothing at all.


Offering healthcare benefits and a generous PTO package is standard in today’s market, but what can make you stand apart from the competition are the more creative benefits. CME is a good place to start, as well as 401k plans with employer contribution. Beyond that, things like vehicle stipends, catered lunch days, or company sponsored daycare could make all the difference.

Going out with a good and complete package the first time means you’ll hire that perfect physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, before anyone else. Having to add these things later means that you’re missing out on good candidates now and the chance that even after the offer is revised, you may not attract anyone new due to the fact that they’ve already seen the opportunity and are unaware that anything has changed.