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How New Physicians Find Jobs

Believe it or not, young physicians are finding jobs the old-fashioned way.  According to a recent CompHealth survey, 51% of new physicians said they used referrals and 48% used networking to find their first job.  The next most popular search method was medical-specific online job boards at 39%. Search firm and staffing agencies were used by 26%, while social media was the least used method at 12%.  

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While networking and referrals were the most popular, they don’t offer a wide reach since it’s dependent upon an already existing personal relationship.  Medical-specific job boards are a great way to cast a wide net and attract good candidates who are seeking a specific opportunity, but they can be extremely expensive.  Listing a job on just one or two leading medical job boards for a few months (the typical physician recruiting timeline) can easily cost thousands of dollars.

You might look at this chart and see search firm sitting in the middle of the pack at 26%, but what’s not as easy to see is that using a search firm also comes with added benefits that are higher up on the list.  As a healthcare provider search firm, we already post our (your) job ads on many medical-specific and general job boards, which means you aren’t paying the job posting fees.

We also network with the thousands of providers in our proprietary database to see if they are interested in the role, or if they have a referral who may be interested.  Having a steady stream of physician, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner job ads online, as well as a strong healthcare-specific online presence, means that our job ads get better visibility on search engines than if a practice posted it themselves.

With our rates being much lower than industry standard, we offer a great value for reaching new physicians.  Not only are we contacted directly by candidates, but we also utilize medical-specific job boards and we can network with the thousands of providers we already know.  So if you’re considering recruiting a new physician to your practice, we’d love to hear from you to see how we can help.