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Physician Job Search Stressors (And How To Alleviate Them)

Physicians have a lot to consider when searching for a new job.  According to a 2017 CompHealth survey, some of the biggest stressors physicians face when looking for a new position include finding the right job fit, negotiating contract terms and compensation, interviewing, and preparing their CV.  Part of this stress comes from the physician having to coordinate all of this directly with their prospective employer. At CHS Recruiting, we help with every step of the process that we can, alleviating these stressors for both the physician and the hiring organization.

Finding The Right Job Fit

Our main focus as recruiters is matching qualified candidates to our clients.  This goes beyond certifications and credentials. When we on-board a new client, we spend time learning about the culture of the practice and what kind of provider will be the right fit.

Negotiating Contract Terms And Compensation

We are happy to act as middleman when negotiating contract terms and compensation.  We find that it’s easier for both parties to communicate to us what they really want out of the partnership and this not only takes the stress out of the negotiations, but also leads to long-term satisfaction by avoiding a contentious negotiation.


Some of our clients prefer to set up interviews themselves, but the majority take us up on our offer to help coordinate phone and in-person interviews with candidates.  We make sure the candidate is prepared for every interview and we reach out to both sides to get feedback after an interview is over, helping to coordinate each step of the process.

Preparing My CV

Not only will we help a candidate with their CV, making sure it’s up-to-date and relevant, but we also include a “candidate presentation” when we send an applicant’s information to a client.  The presentation includes bullet points that cover the most important and relevant information such as license status, timeline of availability, and experience level. In addition, the presentation includes a written summary of our phone screen, detailing information not found on a resume - motivation for job changes, where their priorities lie when it comes to employment terms, and a description of their personality and communication style.

These are just a few of the ways in which we can help reduce stressors and make the job search and hiring process easier for both our clients and our candidates.